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Raising Teenagers That Are Confident, Happy, and Stand Out
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    In a joint effort with entrepreneur and thought leader Rich Christiansen, and his teenage son, Tim, they share an unique and personal view on successfully raising teenagers through a collection of engaging stories and parables. These include perseverance, goal-setting, self-discipline, determination, business creation, and unconditional love.
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    This book will encourage and help you to build enduring relationships with your teens, ignite deeply rooted values in a trouble world, inspire your kids to be engaged and responsible, and teach your teenagers to soar.

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Amy Osmond Cook, PhD

VP of Marketing at Simplus

“This book is hands down the best parenting book I have ever read. Rich shares his perspective and advice through captivating stories that educate as well as entertain. Not only did I learn from these stories myself, but I can also share them with my children to teach them in a way that they will listen.”

In The Book, You Will Discover:


Learn how we have helped our teenage sons build five successful—and profitable—businesses


Learn how we do not pay for our sons’ college tuition, service missions, or even family vacations and, instead, help them
take accountability and fund these goals themselves.


Learn what the models, practices, and crazy things our family does as part of raising our children.

About the Author: Rich Christiansen

Richard J Christiansen is a thought leader, parallel entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He has created 49 businesses of which 16 have become multimillion-dollar successes. Each were started with $10K or less of capital. These businesses have ranged from technology, import/export, SEO, lead generation, innovative products, and real estate.


What People Are Saying


Garrett Gunderson

Best Selling Author, Founder of Inc 500 firm

“This book has changed the way I am raising my children and gives me hope and excitement for our Millennials."

Desi Ward

Founder of The Mom Conference

“Rich hits the head on the nail when he talks about the sticky subjects that we should be talking to our kids about."

Cathy L Greenberg, PhD

Best Selling Author of Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus

“This book not only gave me hope in the ‘fearless abilities’ of Millennials, but also made me realize there is still a teenager inside of me. I always say ‘I’m not my age, I’m my heartbeat.’”

Alan Hall

Chairman of MarketStar Corporation

"For any anxious mother and father, this
extraordinary book will provide the reader with thoughtful guidelines for
rearing confident, happy, and successful children.”

Why Wait? Get the digital copy now, at no cost to you!

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